Masternodes are available in some PoW and PoS blockchains. There are 2 types of computers securing a blockchain:

1- The nodes are the workers of the blockchain; they prevent double spending and secure the blockchain. Nodes get rewards by contributing to block creation and network consensus. In PoW, nodes are miners and in PoS, nodes are staking wallets.

2- Masternodes are the warehouse of the blockchain; they perform different types of services, such as Instant Send, Private Send, and storage of the full blockchain, for which they receive block rewards. Masternodes are full nodes in both PoW and PoS.

Masternode rewards are generally larger than normal node rewards. But running a masternode requires to have a high amount of the native coin as collateral.

We do not consider staking (PoS-only) coins because Masternode rewards are greatly larger than staking rewards. The power of syndication of MNODE satisfies the collateral requirement and allows access to large reward structure of Masternodes. We consider all Masternode rewards as passive income or ROI

Running a masternode requires to have a fixed amount of the native coin as collateral. For example, if we invest $2100 and the collateral required is $1000/Masternode, we open 2 Masternodes and have a spare amount of $100. Spare amounts from collateral requirement will be invested in staking wallets or used for liquidity.

To unify the heterogeneity of masternode coins and automate by Smart Contract, investors will receive the rewards in ETH. We will sell rewards in native coins to ETH in exchanges. Any requests of receiving in other currencies are subject to market price and delay from manual operations.

Each distribution cycle takes 14 days. MASTER holders can track their reward via our dashboard. Once you claim the rewards to your wallet, we pack them all in one order to execute. This simplifies the operation process and reduce costs. For example, if a user receive only a small amount of coin, it might be not enough for trade. Even more inconvenient for user, each trade or transaction costs a fee.

Yes. All staked MASTER are eligible to receive the reward. The block rewards will be distributed for all staked MASTER holders proportional to the amount and the duration of their staked MASTER. 20.7% of block rewards are distributed to investors every 14 days. The reinvestment portion of 67.5% will be paid back to investors upon redemption via net asset value of MASTER token.

Because of our faith in this project, we are locking our share of the MASTER tokens for 2 years. These tokens will be unlocked partly after every redemption period. Locked tokens are unable to trade or transfer. The rewards will not be counted for locked tokens. Unlocked tokens can receive income payouts from their shares.

It will be updated on a weekly basis.

We will use the APIs of exchange platforms to display real-time on our website.

Once an investor stakes their MASTER tokens in our platform, they will be able to see the total amount of rewards (in ETH) in the current distribution cycle.

The redemption period is open every 3 months. At that time, MNODE accepts withdrawals with zero fee.

 1 week before the redemption, we will ask all investors to lock their MASTER indicating the fund share they want to withdraw (default is zero).

 During the redemption period, we will rebalance our portfolio and start paying back the amount of ETH equal to the amount of ‘withdrawal’ MASTER multiplied by net asset value (NAV) of the fund. The payback will be processed in the order of locked MNODE wallet (the earlier you lock your MASTER, the faster you receive your ETH).

 The expected duration for processing all withdrawals is 1 week.

Any withdrawal request outside the redemption period (more than 1 week before and after redemption starts) will be considered as an early redemption option, which is subject to our processing time and transaction fees (for converting Masternode coins back to ETH).

The redemption period is open every 3 months. At that time, MNODE accepts deposits with zero fee.

 1 week before redemption, we open deposits for all old and new investors to send their ETH to the fund.

 During the redemption period, we will send MASTER to all depositing account an amount equal to the amount of contributed ETH divided by fund net asset value. The token issue will be processed in the order of depositing ETH wallets (the earlier you deposit ETH, the sooner you receive your MASTER).

 The expected duration for processing all deposits is 1 week.

 The amount of MASTER is limited and is not guaranteed for all deposits. The ETH amount of each investor will be protected by the smart contract and will be gave back if no MASTER can be issued to the investor.

 OPTIONAL: if the amount of MASTER is not enough for new investors, we will perform a voting scheme to decide if new MASTER token should be minted. Only staked MASTER has the voting power.

Any deposit request outside the redemption period will not be accepted in general. Investors need to buy MASTER in exchanges. However, if the amount is sufficient and the fund operations allow, the request will be processed by the fund manager and might be accepted.

We currently accept only ETH, we may extend it to only masternode coins that support smart contract (for technical reason) and have a partnership with us (for incentive reason).

The purpose of token vesting is to avoid possible dumping of token on exchanges, protecting retail investors. Vested tokens cannot be traded on exchanges or redeemed on MNODE. This is enabled via the vault function of Smart Contract.

 Tokens for sale: All rewards are counted for 100% of the token from the first day after ICO. Private sale tokens vested equally over 6 months. Pre-sale tokens vested equally over 3 months. Crowd-sale no vesting.

 Other tokens: Team tokens will vest equally over two years (release every 3 months) to ensure that the team incentives are aligned with ICO participants. Advisors token will vest equally over 1 years (release every 3 month). Only released tokens can receive rewards.

Our investors are granted access to the whitelist in the MNODE homepage. When joining MNODE telegram group, they will be contacted for unique deals. Besides, we are also considering Ambassador programme, where both referrer and referred person receives bonus tokens.

Unsold tokens will be burned. No additional tokens is minted.

Yes. Investors need to buy MASTER in exchanges. Any deposit request outside the redemption period will not be accepted in general. We will strive to get exchange listings when the MNODE fund is stable and operational.